Saturday, June 16, 2007


Mrangelmeg and I are leaving in just a few hours to drive to the secret celebration of the 75th birthday and 50th ordination anniversary of one of my favorite professors from my gradual school, Fr. Damien, or Damo as we all affectionately call him. I have written about him before, and would do just about anything for this man, and apparently am since I am going to take his seminar on Women in the Old Testament along with my final in the fall (even though I am not taking it for Credit I must be crazy, there are five books that we will be reading just for this one class).

A friend and I decided to put together a little PowerPoint project to display at the dinner tonight that we hope will get a few laughs and show Damo how much we love him. With mrangelmeg's considerable help we have pasted Damo's face into pictures of historical events going all the way back to creation with the theme "How Old is Damo". We wrote a little commentary to go along with it and my friend and I are going to present it to the group after the dinner.

She is the one who is taking the bigger risk, she is taking his class in the fall for credit!

Anyway, I just wanted to take the time to say Happy Birthday Damo, and Happy Anniversary as well. My life has been greatly enriched by knowing you.



Suzanne said...

How did he like what you two did?

angelmeg said...

He was realy pleased and thought it was very funny.

I am so glad.

Suzanne said...

Oh, that was great! Glad it worked out...its always fun when we can make someone happy.