Thursday, June 28, 2007

8, 7, 6, 5, 5, 5, 5, Lets Sing a Song of 5

I'm not sure if I was playing golf today or stuck in an old Sesame Street sketch. You know the one with the numbers where they would count five of a bunch of things, and at the end Frank Oz dressed as a baker would be carrying some scrumptious thing down a staircase and drop them into a big mess.

I played 9 holes of golf today at the par-3 with the angelbaby and one of her friends. My score for nine holes was just about exactly the title of this piece. I guess it is good that I was shooting a consistent five after the first four holes, but I kept hoping to get down to four on the shorter holes.

I have to admit though that my short game is looking better and better, I actually pitched onto three greens on the first try, and I one putted two greens in a row. Unfortunately the rest of the time I three putted, or I over-shot the green with my 9-iron or pitching wedge, or had crappy fairway shots.

The best thing I can say about my drives is that they would make William Buckley proud, because for the most part they were all slightly to the right. When I tried to correct for that flaw and aim to the left I would hit one straight down the middle and end up in the trees to the left or worse on the next fairway. It was so annoying.

So, all in all we had a really great time golfing, and I think it will become a regular weekly activity, I just wish I knew what I was doing wrong. Or maybe my real handicap is as I have said all along that I actually think I can play the game.

Perhaps this is the time to invest in a few lessons.


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Suzanne said...

Personally, I know you are a REAL SPORT for playing ...period! Give yourself a round of applause, woman!
By the way, I decided that after reading Curious Servant's blog post (which I linked on my blog to) that all that I complained about yesterday was meaningless next to what some have to go through...I'm letting go of it..taint worth the stomach growlings! Now I'll fess up (for my own part) and people can just act as they may, I suppose.
I'm not sure what good my complaining did, anyway.
Have a good time with Ma...hugs to you! Suz