Saturday, June 16, 2007

Mental Pause Moment #6 One of The Best Aides in the Struggle to Survive

This maddening roller coaster ride that we delicate women call "the change" has made me a horribly cranky, moody, over-tired, under- aroused, shrew the last few weeks. I know it can't be a picnic living with me. Heck there are times when I would give just about anything to take a vacation from myself.

One of the constant and steadying influences in my life these days has been mrangelmeg. Through all of the inner turmoil of what has been going on inside my body he has been there for me to complain to and talk things over with and try to figure out how to live through these changes without alienating all of my children.

I am so blessed to have him in my life right now. He can't possibly be excited about the prospect of having to live through my mood swings and my night after night of cold fish, lack of interest in anything but sleep. But he never complains. He is always there to try to make things a little easier for me. And he knows when it is better to just leave me alone.

If I didn't have him I can't imagine how I could survive. His love is a real stabilizing force.



Suzanne said...

Well, I sure enjoyed Mass and being with you for a nice breakfast yesterday morning, by the way!
You sure didn't seem all gooy moody to me ...not at all.

betsysbandit said...

Mom and I have always thought your husband was perfect and this sure proves it. What a joy to know you and he make such a unique couple, I'm sure proud of you and him for choosing you. Most intelligent thing he ever did.