Friday, June 22, 2007

Tony Tony Wher've You Been?

So our daughter lost her wallet while she was on a mission trip with her high school at the end of May and we prayed to St. Anthony that it would turn up while they were cleaning up the van that the school drove, or that somehow it would turn up in someones luggage or something, but time passed and no one mentioned it, so we had begun the process of replacing all of her missing identification and other stuff (like library cards and YMCA membership cards). I was trying to not get upset that along with the wallet she had lost nearly 80 dollars in cash, because it was only cash.

I had asked the teacher that took her on the trip to take one last desperate look in the tent that she and the two girls had slept in hoping that it might have been rolled up with my daughter's wallet in the corner and stowed away. At the time she said that the tent had been stowed away with her parents and they had gone on a two week side trip to visit relatives and she promised to check just as soon as they got back. When I never heard from her we began the tedious process of replacing her missing identification.

Today, lo and behold, we got a call from her teacher who had gone on a camping trip with her husband and found my daughter's wallet right where I told her it would be, in the corner of the tent!

Thank you St. Anthony for coming through at such a late hour. And praise God that we had only gotten to a few replacements in the long line of identification items to be replaced (and we had been putting off the more costly ones at that ).

So, I guess all is well that ends well, but I am just wondering if the teacher had just taken the time to look in the tent a month ago this whole mess could have been avoided.

Now, since Tony is back on the job, I am still trying to find my lost keyring, if you don't mind.


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Rufus McCain said...

About a year ago, I lost a half-filled journal that is very important to me. I keep thinking it will turn up but it hasn't. St. Anthony, I implore thee for help!