Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Be Careful What YouTube For!

Have you noticed the "helpful" changes that have recently occurred at YouTube? Well one of the more questionable benefits of the service now is that while you are watching a video on YouTube if you hover over the image with your cursor the "helpful" YouTube PTB (powers that be) invite you to sample other of their wares that are "related" to the video you are currently sampling.

These are becoming pointedly unrelated and often, in the case of religious content extremely opposite in content.

Read more at Church of the Masses.

Perhaps Barb is right, we need a concerted effort to let the PTB at YouTube know that we don't need the help in finding related content so immediately, we can do related searches all by ourselves.

If anyone has an alternative source for sharable video content on the Internet that doesn't promote sleaze I sure would like to know, because I want to point my kids in that direction.


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Suzanne said...

Thanks for the info, angelmeg.
I just went and filled out a survey with them and told them that I enjoyed their service, but would have to completely limit my children viewing this in our home if they do not stop this unnecessary so called helpful idea..which it is clearly not.