Friday, June 29, 2007

KM Culinary Meme

This one comes from The Kitchen Madonna
1. What food does your best friend not like?
She isn't a big fan of eggs.
2. What is your favorite cookbook?
I have one that is a Food Writers Favorite Deserts that I absolutely love. Sadly because of my wheat and corn allergies now there are darn few things in it that I can actually eat.
3. Are you more of a sushi person or a lamb person?
Lamb, cooked and seasoned well beats raw fish any day of the week.
4. Given a choice of something fried and salty or something baked and sweet, what would you choose?
Oh man, give me fried and salty about half of the month. I an not at all a cake person though. My sweet tooth runs more to really good quality chocolates.
5. Do you buy whole chickens and boil them and pick the meat off or does that gross you out? Do your children know what a whole chicken looks like or do they think t hey are made up of four breasts?
Of course my kids know what a whole chicken looks like, It looks like the one that comes in the deli tray from Kroger where I get my grilled whole Chicken. I have never in my life cooked a whole chicken, but then again I have never in my life fried chicken either. I am more of a IQF (individually quick frozen) chicken breast portions kind of cook.
6. How do you feel about butter, sour cream, cream cheese, and half and half?
I am into whole foods, so I prefer real butter and real cream and sour cream rather than margarine or fake stuff. I love good quality sauces. Especially because I am allergic to so many things.
7. (Skip this question if you are a vegetarian) If you are a carnivore, would you be willing to hunt or butcher your meat? Or to watch someone do that for you or would you rather not think of it? Or are you grateful for the animal who gave its life to sustain your life?
I fully understand that some animal gave its life for my meal and am grateful for that fact. But I believe that God intended for it to be that way. If God had wanted me to be a vegetarian he wouldn't have made cows out of steak and pigs out of ham and bacon!!! I do draw the line at hunting and processing the meat, I leave that to the experts. Heck I barely even cook the stuff.
8. What is the most exotic ingredient or spice in your cupboard?
I have some really exotic grains in my cupboard, like quinoa, and spelt, amaranth and millet because of my allergy to wheat and corn. I actually cook with them, on occasion as a change from rice and potato flour. Sadly I don't know enough about cooking to really do anything with them, but I do own them. I suppose I am hoping some day the cooking elves will come in and make something wonderful while I am sleeping.
So there you go. Now you know that I love to eat but hate to cook. What a shock!


Kitchen Madonna said...

I rolled on the floor at IQF! How American!

Thanks for playing Angelmeg!

Suzanne said...

Cooking elves?!! LOL! Yer shur funny!