Friday, January 30, 2009


So I decided to unclutter my workspace today. I am hoping that if I unclutter my workspace it might unclutter my thinking by default.

Okay, now that the laughing has died down I will continue.

Seriously, my desk is in the bedroom and because of the space crunch there is only a minimal distance between the edge of the desk and the edge of the bed on my side. When I get up in the middle of the night, as I have been known to do because of insomnia, I take my life into my hands just trying to navigate around the bed to the door of the bedroom or the bathroom.

So I started with all the accumulation of pillows and blankets (and assorted other things I have managed to shove into my corner of the bedroom, and then worked toward the desk. Now I am working on the desktop. I am really pleased with how merciless I am being with myself in terms of what I "need to keep" on my desktop and what I can either put away somewhere else or what I can just toss out all together.

Next I am going to work on clearing out the boxes I have stuffed into our closet in the thought that I would get around to them "soon". I have a box of pictures that need to be scanned into the computer that aren't going to get scanned in the next four or five months, so they can go somewhere else. I have a box of stuff from my office which I had stashed away below my clothes but moved when I set up my yarn stash last fall. Then there are three suitcases (we have traveled a bit recently, so maybe we should find a way to store those in the closet. . . nah the laundry room is close enough, just been too lazy to drag them downstairs. After that I will just have to organize my shoes and pick up a little garbage off the floor and the closet will be clean.

If after all that organizing my thoughts aren't less cluttered I will at least have a nice clean bedroom, and fewer bruises on my shins. Better get back to work before I lose my nerve.


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Sharon said...

Hi Maggie,

I jumped here from Penni's blog...your comment followed mine and was similar in ideas if not in tone. I chuckled, because you were very direct in your comment, and you probably have built that passport with her over time to allow that directness. Kudos to you for both of those.

We share the same struggle with our bedroom/office space. My ongoing struggle is to pare down my 'stuff' to fit 'comfortably' in a 600+ sq ft home (I know!) Living and bath rooms are great - kitchen is so-so, but the bedroom still feels scrunched ;) Blessings on your weekend,