Sunday, January 18, 2009

They Should Change the Name of This Thing . . .

From Wii Fit to Wii Fun!

We have had ours for three days and we have thoroughly enjoyed it. It has been especially eye opening for me. I knew from my time in therapy (really scary flash back of graston knives and bruised thigh *shudder*) that I was off balance -- placing more weight on my right leg than on my left -- but this Wii Fit board graphs all that out for me and keeps track of my progress toward getting my balance back into alignment and strengthening my left side so that I will be equally as strong on both sides.
The strength training and yoga are good for me, but the aerobic and balance exercises are the real fun. I love the boxing and step aerobics. I even love the skiing (because I would never have the nerve to really ski with my bad knees) although I totally vacuum at ski jumping and usually end up a huge snow ball at the end of the ski jump because I don't extend my knees at the right moment.
The time really flies when I am playing with this thing and the motivation to "play" is a lot easier to work up (even to do the short running in place stints) than any other type of home workout I have ever attempted. I suppose only time will tell if I can sustain the motivation in the long run, but since the fit board tracks my daily progress on a screen that happily I am the only one that can access because it is password protected, I can keep a daily progress of my weight and BMI as I am slimming down (I hope).
Now I just have to come up with a meal plan that takes into account all of my allergies and allows me to eat a well rounded diet that is satisfying. A tall order I am sure. I suppose I should go back to low carb, I felt healthiest when I was eating a low carb diet, and considering I am allergic to so many grains it makes good sense.
Anyway, I just wanted to share my new fun toy with all of you. If you already have a Wii, this little addition is well worth the expense.

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