Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day!

There was a Winter Storm Warning last night before we went to bed, so we knew it would probably be pretty "white" when we got up this morning. Most of the surrounding school corporations had already decided to cancel school "just in case" but our corporation got burned a few years back making judgements based upon weather predictions and then having the front move past us and the kids got a day off when the roads were passable and they could have been in school.

So we had to wait till sometime either late last night or early this morning for our corporation to determine that schools would either delay or close. They are closed. As is the college where our sweet older daughter has her class today so she is home awaiting an email from her professor to see if she has extra homework from the missed class.

Since our driveway (1/8th of a mile winding upwards toward the highway) was practically impassable even for mrangelmeg's four-wheel-drive jeep yesterday son-and-heir had to call into his work and tell them that he couldn't make it. They were quite nice about it. He had to call in again today though because even mrangelmeg's jeep won't get up the drive today until they shovel a pathway.

Even mrangelmeg got a snow day today. The Military Base where he works was closed down by order of the Captain and everyone was told to stay home via email. Those who did brave the roads and make it in were sent home (I suppose).

So, we have some digging out to do, but nowhere that we need to go so no hurry really before tomorrow. I am sure the kids will be out sledding on the front hills of the property before too long, but they will probably wait till after it stops snowing, which it hasn't yet this morning.

My fervent hope is that this is the big snowfall of the winter, and once this goes away, spring comes really quickly because you all know how much I love winter (NOT!).



Rosemary said...

I LOVE snow days. I think we should have had one yesterday but I guess it's difficult to call.

Suzanne said...

Rosemary has no idea about your driveway! :) She might not like snow days quite as least not the kind we had that day! Right? ;)
I'll bet that was really hard to shovel all of that girl! I mean I heard it got to 13.8 in. in some areas. Did your trees along the drive help some to lessen the height of the snow at all? Maybe a silly question. Anyway, for your sake, I also hope we don't have another snow anything like that one!