Thursday, January 22, 2009

Choose LIfe!

Today marks the sad anniversary of the signing of the bill which allowed for millions of pre-born children to be murdered in the name of convenience, and many of those deaths were funded by the federal government in "women's health clinics".

It is fact that many women who make the desperate choice of abortion end up with psychological and medical issues later in life that must be dealt with, but there is no federally funded program to assist them when these issues arise.

Every American has the right to life, it is one of the rights we were granted in our constitution. To have an supreme court decision that takes away one of the basic rights so callously, and now to have a president who will do everything in his power to erode even further the tenuous right of life that every human being deserves is a frightening aspect.

I have made it a commitment to pray each and every day for the unborn, and to stand up for what I believe, by telling the truth behind the removal of restriction to "safe legal abortions which will put low income women at risk because a non skilled person will be allowed to perform what ammounts to a surgical procedure; or to uncover the lie of embryonic stem cell research, which has never helped anyone while stem cells grown from adult cells or autologous transplants have had tremendous success.

I also feel that everyone should know that the so called Fredom of Choice Act will make it impossible for Catholic hospitals, or doctors of any religious denomination who disagree with abortion to refuse to administer them on religious grounds. Where is the ACLU in this fight, isn't this a freedom of speech issue, isn't this a freedom of conscience issue? Should anyone be forced to perform a procedure if they fundamentally disagree with it on religious grounds. Would we force a vegetarian to work in a meat packing plant? Where is the difference?

Life is too precious to be played with in such a callous manner.


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