Wednesday, January 21, 2009

16 Quirky Things Meme

Hal tagged me a while back with this and I am just now getting around to sitting down to think of things to write. It isn't that I can't think of 16 quirky things about myself to tell you all, it is more a case of the fact that most of you know me pretty well, and finding things you didn't already know took some thinking.

I am doing this today because I have a writing assignment due tomorrow and . . .

1) while I love to write, and hope someday to be a well known, published writer who can actually say she makes money from what she writes; when it comes to homework I will do just about anything, even housework to avoid writing.

2) I am the borg child (seven of nine -- get it?) in my family. I have four older sisters and two older brothers (making me seventh, ) and a younger sister and younger brother. We are all still alive, and while we don't see each other all that often I think we all still care deeply about each other.

3) I am a font of useless knowledge, which makes me a great team member when you are playing trivial pursuit or you need a phone-a-friend on Who Wants to be a Millionaire. I attribute it to having insomnia and spending a lot of time reading or watching late night television.

4)A very good friend of mine was murdered when I was 12 years old. They never found his killer. I still have dreams about him to this day.

5) I lived in Hawaii for the summer when I was 15. My mom took us there the year after my dad died. It was a great experience and an extreme culture shock at the same time.

6) I received a Manager's letter in Wrestling from South my Senior Year. I was supposed to be a Cheer Leader, but somehow I got roped into keeping the book for the team at the meets. My book was more accurate than the scorer's table at a few of the early meets, so the coach made sit at the scorer's table and called me the Statistician and gave me a Letter for my trouble. My only regert is I never got to be in the locker room for the weigh-ins.

7) I am an introvert, and painfully shy. This will surprise a lot of people because I have forced myself to be outgoing especially since high school. I try really hard to include everyone because I know how much it hurts to feel left out.

8) I used to sing in a Jazz Acapella group. I really miss it.

9) I love ideas much more than details, which will explain why my house is usuallly a mess, and my husband is very detail oriented. Without him I would be totally lost.

10) I was engaged to mrangelmeg one month after our first date.

11) I have always wanted to try an open mike night in a comedy club.

12) I don't like to watch sports on television except good golfers and the Colts. I really don't like basketball, and can't stand auto racing.

13) I have never learned another language, much to my dismay.

14) I keep a basket with chocolates in it right beside my bed. I am a chocolatarian, it is a lifestyle choice, not an addiction.

15) I fall asleep listening to music every night.

16) I hate to cook, but have a few dishes that I know I can cook well for when company comes. If it weren't for microwaves and crock pots, my poor kids would starve.


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Mimi said...

May your friend's Memory be Eternal.

And, 7 of 9. Brilliant.