Saturday, January 10, 2009

I Finished it.

I finished my sweater on Wednesday and wore it on Thursday. The buttonholes were the biggest worry because I was sure I would have them all over the place and never get them spaced correctly. I sat with the problem for an entire day totally terrified to begin, but then I just thought of it as a math problem (and those of you who know me know that I really hate math -- so I just got through it as quickly and non mathematically as I could).

I got out a piece of graph paper (in this case the graph paper from the blotter on the desk in the office) and graphed out the number of stitches available for the eight buttonholes, then I set the two on either end and divided the remaining number of stitches evenly between the other six buttonholes. I then placed those on the graph with an equal number of stitches between them (because of the math) and made sure it worked out evenly). It took two tries to get it exactly right, but it worked!!!

So all I had to do after knitting the button holes was go back and sew the buttons on the opposite side exactly under the buttonholes on the buttonhole side.

It was really easy once I got over my trepidation that I might do it wrong.

I got so many compliments from people on my sweater, especially when they found out that I had made it myself.

I even have enough of that beautiful yarn left over to make a matching scarf and hat to go with it. I am working on those now.



Suzanne said...

Its so pretty, angelmeg! You did such wonderful knitting here! I am JEALOUS! How long did it take you?
Well, I'm not jealous in a bad know what I mean. :)!!!

Mimi said...

It looks fantastic ! Good job!

~m2~ said...

lovely! good job!!! i have not made a "big people's" sweater yet, but am assuming i would do okay.

did i tell you what my husband wants me to knit him? (are you sitting down?) a big black sweater with the Rolling Stones tongue and lips on the front - that'll be original, no?


(ironically, my word verification for this post is "blankey" - how cute is that?)