Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Tax Dollars are Paying for What? Where?

President Obama has authorized the expenditure of American Tax Dollars to fund abortions for women in other countries!

Mr President I think this is an abhorent action on your part and I repudiate this decision.

I will pray for you to see the inherant evil of your actions.

And this is just your first week in office.



leftbanker said...

I don't think that family planning is "evil." I would say that the opposite, or no family planning, is a terrible hardship for millions upon millions of people around the world. A lot of studies show that the education offered by these groups help to reduce abortions--something everyone wants, believe it or not.

The thing is, we can't cherry pick what we do with our taxes. I'm not happy that Blackwater is funded by tax dollars.

angelmeg said...

The killing of children cannot be classified as anything BUT evil.

To put the veil of the more pleasant term "family planning" around the evil of the killing of children doesn't make it any less evil.

I stand by my statement.

john said...

I wasn't saying that family plannng is abortion. We have cut off all family planning if even a portion of it was going towards abortions. So we also stopped funding for contraceptives and education. How can that be good?

I suppose the only answer for you is to go back to making abortion a criminal offense like it is in Latin America. They still have plenty of abortions, and lots of women die because it isn't legal, but at least those who oppose it can sleep at night.

angelmeg said...

Family planning could have always been funded without funding abortions as well.

Evil is always evil, You can't swath it in some good amd make it good.

Let me use this example, Why don't I make you a cake I will make the cake using the dog feces from my pet but I will use the best tasting icing I can make from the best ingredients and decorate the cake to look very beautiful and pleasing to the eye.

Are my intentions good or evil in giving you this cake?

This is the same as lumping the evil of abortion with your perceived good of family planning in its other forms.