Monday, January 12, 2009

Mystic Monday

Today dear children our quote comes from The Cloud of Unknowing.

This work, by an anonymous 14th century British author, has some of the most beautiful imagery of God, but is extremely hard to read if you try to read it for comprehension. (at least that has been my experience). The first two or three times I tried to read The Cloud of Unknowing I got completely lost in the images. Perhaps I just wasn't ready for it yet.

A Jesuit priest who used to work in our diocese would say just that, I wasn't ready to understand it before and that is why I struggled so when I tried before.

Anyway the section I have chosen to share with you is one that I think everyone can enjoy and gain something from without having to sit with for long, or can sit with for a day and really pull it apart and go much more deeply if one chooses.

Be attentive to time and the way you spend it. Nothing is more
precious. This is evident when you recall that in one tiny moment heaven may be
gained or lost. God, the master of time, never gives the future. He gives only
the present moment by moment. . .

If you are really interested in this book, here is the online downloadable version from CCEL.

Christian Classics Ethereal Library is a great online resource for public domain Christian classics. Bookmark the site for use later.


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~m2~ said...

maggie, my dad, before he passed away, passed this book on to me. i have tried several times to "give it a go," and can't make it past the first few pages -- isn't this the one that says "if you aren't serious, you may as well put it down," but in 14th century vernacular?


so i put it down. perhaps it will be time to pick it up again soon, but until then, i appreciate the snips like the one you posted this morning about time...