Thursday, January 22, 2009

Transportation Update

My vehicle did in fact have a transmission failure. It will be an expensive fix, but thankfully we have the funds to cover the fix, because the alternative is having to purchase another vehicle large enough for the entire family to ride in all at the same time (a seven passenger car) which would be much more than we can afford with two girls in college, and the angelbaby entering private school next fall for middle school.

So after having to share a car with son-and-heir for a week, which he has done very graciously I might add, I should have my car back on Monday. Our only mishap was on Tuesday when I went to my internship in Indy and forgot to give him the key. He had to take a taxi to work and that cost him a pretty penny because we live outside the city limits and taxi rates are determined from the city center and not by the length of the ride (we only live five miles from where he works). He could have taken a Greyhound to Florida for a little less I fear.

I am sure son-and -heir will be happy as a clam to be back in his own car. I know I will be glad to be back in mine. I miss my stash of gum something fierce!!!


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