Friday, January 30, 2009

Don't Have Time To See A Whole Movie?

Is your life so busy that you just don't have time to see that movie that you have always wanted to see? Well this website I found takes the stress out of that decision by condensing the plot line of most movies down to less than a minute.

It is just the thing for the harried Twenty-first Century person.

This is the explanation directly from their start page:

Let's face it. There's a lot of movies out there and very little time
to watch them in. Well sit back and relax, because your troubles are solved! We
here at Movie-A-Minute have come up with a solution. We've taken several classic
and contemporary movies and extracted the important stuff, cutting out all the
filler. (You'd be surprised how much filler there is sometimes.) With our
ultra-condensed versions of your favorite films, you can experience whole movies
in just one minute! As an added bonus, Movie-A-Minute protects against torture
by bad movies -- if you don't have to sit through them, well, you don't have to
sit through them.

"That's nice," you say, "but I don't believe you." Yah
hah, skeptical soul! We've got our collection of ultra-condensed movies right
here! We've got everything from Gone With the Wind to Die Hard! See for

Browse the titles and select your choice, click on the one you want and within a minute you will get the gist of the movie.

Personally I think Taxi Driver gets props for being short and poetic.

For some people (like mrangelmeg most of the time) that is about all he needs of most movies, unless it is a comedy or has Clint Eastwood or is about World War II -- Kelly's Heroes (which wasn't on their list by the way) is one he would probably recommend that you watch the whole movie.

Anyway, have a fun Friday.


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