Friday, January 16, 2009

Just the Good Part?

women playing with fake babies? spending thousands of dollars on something called Reborns? This all sounds like something out of a science fiction novel, but no this is really happening.

Women of a certain age and obviously socioeconomic level have begun to take up a new "hobby" called Reborns. These are almost realistic baby dolls that they can "mother".

There is something slightly creapy about this that I just can't grasp and I think it is in the statement from one of the women that goes:

"What's so wonderful about Reborns is that, um, they're forever babies," said Moore, who has grown children and grandchildren. "There's no college tuition, no dirty diapers... just the good part of motherhood," she added.

I remember saying once that there is nothing nicer than holding a newborn, and if someone could come up with a doll that felt as warm and smelled as nice they could rake in the bucks, but I think this trend is way too far out there. These women take their Reborns on day trips to the park for heaven sake!! There has to be something psychologically wrong with that.

You can read the entire story here (oh and don't forget to watch the even creapier video).

h/t to Korrectiv for the link.


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