Friday, January 23, 2009

Quick Auto Update

So my wonderful mechanic got the new transmission put in and was testing it out when the check engine light came on, so he checked around and found that I have a oxygen intake problem as well and wanted to fix that too before he turned the car back over to me so that it will run smoothly for a good long time. The extra work will only cost a few hundred more, and he can do it this morning.

I really like him for that. He never wants to charge us too much, but he also wants to make sure that everything that should be done gets done while he still has the car in his shop (saving another diagnostic fee).

I feel very safe when he has taken care of my car, and I know he only charges for what absolutely has to be done.

What is that line about the two most important men in a woman's life besides her husband are a her plumber and mechanic (I guess they don't have to be men anymore, but in my case they do both happen to be men, and are both honest and reliable and I wouldn't trust my car or pipes to anyone else.)


The car should be done today.

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