Saturday, June 03, 2006

My First Week as a Stay at Home Mom

After six years of working full time the first week at home has taken some adjustment.

The kids are still in school, so I am still getting up most mornings at the break of dawn to drive one daughter to her high school which doesn't provide transportation. I say most, because mrangelmeg has pitched in a few mornings and allowed me to sleep in, which has been really sweet of him, as my energy level is still way below normal.

I spent one glorious afternoon (and I am talking the entire afternoon, from 12:15 until 5:45) carting children from one place to another without ever seeing the inside of my house again. Ah I remember those days well. If I am a stay at home mom, why do I spend so much time in my car?

I did get a chance to catch up on laundry, or so I thought until the girls cleaned their room today and brought down about three loads of new laundry into my totally clean laundry room floor. Ah, wouldn't it be nice if they could learn how to do their own laundry?

I spent a nice couple of afternoons doing research and writing (well formatting really) some stuff for our presentation on Tertullian, which is due at my class in Early Church History next weekend at Gradual School. It has been great to have a quiet house and my own computer to work on with no one clamoring to get internet time.

And, as much as I would like to think that I am back to my old self, I am still very drained, and not healthy yet. I have been napping every day, but at least now I can nap when I want to and not have to worry about falling asleep in the car, or at my desk. I actually think that my naps have been getting shorter too. At least I hope they have.

I go back to see the Dr. on Wednesday morning. I hope he sees some improvement in my condition. I think there is some, at least I am less stressed out. The medications seem to be working and so long as I stay away from the foods I am allergic to I feel pretty good. I may have even gained a pound or two this week.

The kids get out of school this week, so things should settle down even more when I am not having to drive someone around every single day. At least I hope they do.


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