Sunday, May 28, 2006


So all 8 of my siblings and I were in the same physical space for nearly 24 hours and we are all still alive. That in itself is an achievement. I actually had a great time seeing them all together again. Those of my brothers and sisters who don't live around here got a chance to see that mom is better off staying at home than being forced to move prematurely into a nursing care facility, and it was nice for my one brother to get at least some chance to meet my kids all but one of whom he has never seen.

We made a DVD of family pictures for mom, which she really loved, because she could remember the children and the events in the pictures even though she couldn't remember who the adults that were surrounding her were. She can watch and rewatch the DVD any time she wants. Who am I kidding, and really glad that my sister made a copy for each of us because I will be watching that DVD over and over again.

I saw two pictures on that disc of me that I had never seen before and have absolutely no memory of. When I get the chance I am going to post some of the pictures here so you will finally get to see what I actually look like.

We even made a retake of a picture of the kids that was taken 43 years ago when my youngest brother was about 3 months old. We took the picture out and we all stood in the exact spots (or close too them, my youngest brother and sister were 15 months and 3 months at the time and sitting on my second oldest sister's lap in the picture, that wasn't going to be a possibility this time around) and took an updated photo. As soon as my sister sends me the digital print I will post them both here, just for the coolness factor of seeing my whole family like that.

We might even try to do this again next year. Hey, who knows it could happen.



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Hello :)

I am glad you are getting to see so much of your family again ~ and on a happy occasion. My congratulations to your Mom! Alzheimer's or not, 80 is an accomplishment!

Hope the end result is much stronger family bonds and a lot of memories worth the keeping.

May God Bless!