Monday, May 01, 2006

Most Mother's Get A Day: Why The Blessed Mother Get's an Entire Month!

We had a traditional May Crowning yesterday at Mass. It was so beautiful that it brought tears to my eyes. I am not sure if it was the sight of twenty two little children processing up the center aisle with flowers, or the old Marian Hymn the choir sang but the entire thing was just so moving.

One thing I didn't know, but was told yesterday by the pastor, as part of the introduction to the event, was that the original May crownings were a response to the May Day processions of the Communists. While they would strut around with great shows of military might on the first day of May, young Catholic children all over the world would process around with flowers and set them before a statue of the Blessed Mother, and then continue with prayers. I think our way was a more effective step toward world unity; our Mother is stronger than their army, and has proved that fact at Fatima.

It really put into perspective the honor that we give to the mother of our Lord. Queen of the Angels, and Queen of the May (as one of those old songs used to remind us).

Anyway, Happy Month Mother. And thanks to the parish where I work for reminding me of the May processions of my youth.

I will be humming Marian Hymns all month now, as if that is a bad thing.


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Suzanne said...

I didn't know this information. How interesting! I agree...Mary surely encourages me to be more peaceful than marching around as in the military. I am so happy that May Crownings are around. I remember them so well and loved them. I am sorry that St. Charles doesn't do a big one each year, but the Religious Ed. has been for the last two years, but our week long class doesn't start until June this year. I hope next year will be different ... I am going to encourage the moms I know at the school to use loving effort to ask for a big Mary crowning! :)