Friday, May 26, 2006

Of Gardens and Other Ventures

I went out this morning and bought soil so that I could plant the rose bush my "secret pal" from work got me as an end of the year gift. It is a beautiful specimen, sort of yellow-pink. It needs morning sun and I have a place all picked out for it right out by my statue of the Blessed Mother. The only thing is I can't dig the hole big enough to plant the darn thing and mrangelmeg went in to work unexpectedly, it was his day off. He said that he wasn't going to be gone all day, but here it is mid afternoon and he isn't back yet.

Oh well I guess with daylight savings time, something we are still getting used to in Indiana, we could be out there digging away well into the evening and it will still be plenty light enough.

I had other issues to deal with inside today. I spent quite a bit of time on the phone with the tech support guy from our internet provider trying to reconfigure our email account for my new laptop. We haven't been able to access our email account since the infamous iced tea incident, and I there were nearly 800 emails to download and weed through (thank heavens for spam killer now is all I have to say). Things should be moving more smoothly from now on.

The angelbaby spent about an hour downloading (legally) music for her new MP3 player. I can't believe how long it took a ten year old to choose 16 songs. Oh well, thanks to the formatting she can use any CD we have in the house as well, so she is pretty well set now with hours of music. But she has some really special songs from Veggie Tales and Chicken Little and even Ben Folds special version of Rockin' the Suburbs from Over the Hedge. Needless to say she is one happy angelbaby, bopping around the house.

Maybe I can get all of the packing done before mrangelmeg gets back to do the gardening. Yeah that's a good plan. Which means just as soon as I start to pack he will drive in and want to start the gardening.

That's always how it happens. Never a dull moment around here.


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