Thursday, May 18, 2006


Today I am officially an unemployed woman.

Last evening was my final commitment at work. I turned in my keys and left the building for the final time as an employee of the parish. Next week the parish is having a dinner to say goodbye, but even that will be at a venue away from the parish grounds, so this was the final time I will be on the parish grounds.

I'm hoping to take an entire year off before going back into the work force. Let's just say mrangelmeg and I are in negotiations. I want to get healthy before I do anything, however long that takes. Maybe a low stress summer will be the first step to getting healthy.

Yeah right, home all day with five kids, what could be low stress about that?

It could happen.



Suzanne said...

Sometimes kids can be less stressful than alot of adults we have to work with...that is my personal opinion anyway. :)

Fr. Gaurav Shroff said...

Oh I know the feeling Maggie -- Sunday's my last day too ... I'm going to miss it though! :)