Monday, May 01, 2006

Othercott The Da Vinci Code

From now until the movie comes out I am going to make a point to remind you every week:

Don't just not go to see this piece of drivel, go out opening weekend and spend your hard earned money seeing something else. My preference, and that of Barb Nicolosi is Over the Hedge. but you can decide for yourself.

Barb has a great post about DVC, and why we shouldn't be debating anyone who wants to "talk" about the DVC as an opportunity in the church.

DVC represents all the "opportunity" that the

Roman persecutions offered the early Church. Rah.

Read the rest here.

Make this the most effective Othercott the movie industry has ever seen.

More screens for Over the Hedge.



Julie D. said...

I just saw a preview for Over the Hedge. Frankly it would be a toss-up as to which movie I would think is worse ... merely in terms of offending my brain.

So I think pushing staying home is my preference. :-)

angelmeg said...
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angelmeg said...

Barb Nicolosi recommends Over the Hedge as being written by a Christian friend of hers. My kids are itching to watch something full of this kind of silliness, and in order to assure that DvC doesn't get the number one spot that weekend we HAVE to go to some other movie, staying home won't keep DvC out of the number one spot.

I am willing to take Barb's recommendation for Over the Hedge and sit through it with my kids.

I love them that much. I have sat through just as silly ones.