Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Tangents from . . . Well the mind just isn't fully engaged this early in the morning

I was up early so I could borrow my son's computer to get online. (Long story involving mrangelmeg, a glass of sweet tea and his attempt to replace the cover on my computer after putting in the Ethernet card, suffice it to say my computer is a bit ill for now)

In my daily meandering around St. Blog's B Team I ran into this wonderful post on analogies by Anonymous Teacher Person. I was very interested in the post itself because I am always trying to find ways to help my children understand doctrinal development, but rather than keep my mind on that topic, I was flooded with memories about . . . of all things . . . Christmas trees and ornaments.

Mrangelmeg and I had no ornaments for our first tree, so we purchased these horrid wooden ornaments that must have been made in some foreign country where Christmas isn't really celebrated the way it is here. These ornaments consisted of strange animals, which were supposed to look more festive because they had been painted with polka dots. We called them our Misfit Toy ornaments. Not all of them were horrid, but most of them were indescribable.

Anyway, when the angelboy came along the next year I got the idea that every year I would purchase a really nice ornament for him so that when he went off on his own he would have this set of 21 or 22 really nice Christmas Ornaments to take with him. That was my mistake.

Not being a mathematician, or savvy in the area of numerical permutations, it never occurred to me that one ornament a year, times eventually five children would end being more ornaments than would fit on a forest of Christmas Trees!!!!! You would think that mrangelmeg, being a graduate of engineering school would have said something, but I suppose he was too busy laughing inside at the thought of my eventual distress to let on that he could foresee the future.

Fast-forward 21 years and we have 6 bins of ornaments that we have to put away every year: one for each of our children and one for our own ornaments. For a while when we replaced our tree (we have to have an artificial tree because mrangelmeg is allergic to tree sap) we used to put up the old tree in the game room and let the kids put some of their ornaments on it. Now we just let them pick out a few of their ornaments to put on the big tree and the rest stay in their bins.

Anyway, Thanks teacherperson for trying to give me a lesson in docctrinal development, even if all I got was a waltz down memory lane and memory of a lesson in exponential child development.


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