Thursday, May 04, 2006

Update on Daughter's Recovery

Our oldest daughter had another visit with her Dr. Tuesday and is progressing quite nicely. She is down to one crutch already, I was still walking with two crutches at a month after my ACL repair. Her knee looks pretty ugly, but after major reconstructive surgery what did she expect?

She is bored silly because now that she isn't taking narcotics she is actually awake most of the day. She won't be cleared to drive for another week or so. We are trying to find things to do to keep her stimulated around here.

I think her recovery will be swift and complete. Thank you all for your prayers.



Suzanne said...

Good deal...what are you talking about...OREOS are NARCOTICS!
Tell her to get some more or I'll bring her more...! Did she add
vanilla icecream to them or maybe not...nevermind! We don't need blown up bodies walking around on a knee trying to heal up. Give her hugs from me again!

tom said...

Hope for a speedy recovery....tough when the kids go down.....look at STLToday next week for my column on my first visit to the new ball can go to Journal and search for A Boomer's Journal.....go Redbirds.....

Gashwin said...

Glad to hear this and hope she gets better soon! Peace,