Monday, June 05, 2006

Software Can Make You Crazy

I spent the morning trying to do my assignment for my Early Church History class on my new computer which came with Corel software installed so all I had available to work with was Wordperfect (which I am sure is a wonderful program).

Unfortunately no matter what I did I just couldn't get Wordperfect to do what I wanted it to do. After a very annoying hour of trying to get the words on the page to format the way I wanted them to, I finally gave up and drove to the store and purchased Microsoft Office software.

I guess there is some truth to the adage about the heck you know. I am sure that if I had had the time and the inclination I could have learned how to use the new software, but I have a project that is 100% of my grade in this class due on Saturday and three other people are counting on my part of this project being done and done well. I can't "learn" how to use this software as I am polishing this project.

I will stick with the one I know. Maybe later when I have the time and not a deadline over my head I will find that the other software is amazing. Or not.


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