Monday, June 19, 2006

ABC Meme

found this cool Meme on Confessions of a Hot Caramel Sundae.

Accent: Sadly all southern hoosier even though I am NOT a hoosier I have lost my Northern Illinois drawl alltogether. *sigh*

Butter or Margarine: butter natch especially since now I am allergic to margerine

Chore I Hate: Doing the Dishes, (mrangelmeg' s most romantic gift is to clean the kitchen, he may see it as self preservation I see it as serious devotion)

Dog or Cat: Dogs, though we have had very bad luck as pet owners I still prefer dogs to cats. mrangelmeg is really allergic to cats anyway so if I got a cat he would really wonder

Essential Electronics: Computer, DVD player, flash drive My life has simplified greatly since the advent of the flash drive for transporting files to Gradual School.

Favorite Cologne(s): Oscar de Larenta Rose, smells great.

Gold or Silver: Gold, silver, I wear both.

Hometown: Rock Island, IL

Insomnia?: I used to really suffer from insomnia, now I sleep pretty well when I have mrangelmeg in the same bed with me I sleep pretty well that is, if I am not in the same room as mrangelmeg I tend to sleep less well, go figure

Job Title: unemployed at the moment, happily so. I suppose that would make my current job title homemaker. Some days my job title is more accurately Taximom

Kids: 1 boy, 4 girls ages 22 to 10a; currently all 5 live at home. Hopefully some day some of them will choose to live elsewhere. Hey, it could happen!

Living arrangements: A nice4 bedroom3 bath house on 4 1/2 acres. It would seem a lot bigger if we could get it uncluttered. One of my tasks for this summer: Hey, It could happen!

Most admirable trait: compassion.

Nicknames: Maggie, Mom My dad called me Maggiepie but that was ages ago.

Overnight hospital stays: a week for gall bladder surgery, a week for knee surgery, assorted overnight birth stays back in the day and I have stayed overnight with the kids a time or two.

Phobias: Making telephone calls. clowns, very high places. I kid you not, if I had to make a phone call on the top of the empire state building and the only person around I could borrow a cell phone from was a clown I would be in big trouble.

Quote: "Blessed are the flexible, they never get bent out of shape."

Religion: Roman Catholic

Siblings: Five sisters Three brothers

Time I wake up: Now that I am not working I try to get up around 8 am if I can sleep that long.

Unusual talent or skill: I can whistle pretty loudly when I want to.

Vegetable I refuse to eat: Brussel Sprouts, Aspargus and cooked spinach

Worst habit: complaining, and short temper I am sure that mrangelmeg would be able to make a list as long as my arm.

X-rays: Chest, spinal, dental, and left arm, and those were just this year.

Yummy stuff I cook: knock you naked brownies, fabulous barbecue beef, .

This was fun, if anyone wants to take the tag and give it a try you are welcome to it.


ukok said...

I might have a crack at this, it'll be on my blog in a few days. Thanks!

God Bless you

Suzanne said...

I say "Ya'll," so you know how us "crackers" talk according to Father Don.
I love butter...just tastes so good on everything.
I hate cleaning toilets...okay come clean my toilets and I'll wash your it a deal?
Like you, angelmeg, we have the worst luck with pets...I have a neighbor who steals cats and only God knows what she does with them and dogs...we never seem to train them very well before they drive me nearly insane...never have had a darn fence all the way around the yard, either!
I like my stove, frig, coffee pot, microwave, CD PLAYER, and computer.
Tommy Girl (can't afford it though) and
I love something called Bergmont or something like that..hard to find.
I like my little gold rings, but other wise, I find I seem to wear silver on my neck and ears. I guess I don't do well in the "fashion" category. So what?
I was born and raised in Memphis, TN
I don't have too much insomnia, I just try to keep busy, pray, read if I do until my eyes won't stay open.
I am a wife, mom, teacher, homemaker, friend, church volunteer, etc. "Jackie of all trades!" LOL!
3 daughters, 1 son, 1 son in Heaven, 3 grandsons and a son-in-law...lots of godchildren too
Live in a big enough house...big enough to find it is hard to keep up with all of the repairs lately!
I think the thing people may like about me the most, is that I honestly try to be friendly as I can be, you know cheerful and I try to spread hope as best I can in a crazy world!
I have been called Suzie, Suzie-Q, Oh,Susanna, Babe, Daisy, Sue (not too fond of that one..because of Johnny Cash song, although I don't mind it for another woman...weird, I know, and Cracker...don't ask.
I have had 5 children in the hospital,
1 tonsilectomy, and one D & C for a infertility work-up. I have spent many a night in the hospital with a little sick feller and parents at times.
I don't like snakes, spiders, fretting over things I can do little about but pray, driving to the top of Pike's Peak...never again!..probably more, but drawing a blank.
I have so many favorite quotes, but for now, how about the one from St. Teresa of Avila about how we are the hands and feet of know the one...:) or
"Here's lookin at ya, kid!" oh, and
"Nah, your just jealous cause you lost the war." (In reference to the first time Father Don ever made me laugh...I still laugh whenever I think about that conversation for some reason) He's crazy.
Roman Catholic
Three older sisters
I wake up at the flippin crack of dawn as if I had some kind of internal alarm clock! Its called an over the 50 bladder!
I can play an wooden Indian type flute and make what I call rather nice music,
I can pick out most songs by ear on the piano if you have some time on your hands! Otherwise, I can roll my tongue and I love to pretend that I am a great singer behind closed doors! ROFL!!!!
I do not like brussel sprout! Yuk!
I rub my nose up when it itches and there is this silly little crease there now after all of these years of doing it! I didn't notice I did it until Peggy Gudal was doing it around me alot and I thought...Hey! I do that too and that is where that crease came from!
Go figure! Man, I am so ridiculous here. I am telling everything!
I think they have x-rayed everything I have and then some...seems like it anyway! Ha!
I cook alot of good stuff...mostly main dish meals more than sweets though. I can do without them quite well, so I hesitate to start "enjoying" baking too much. I don't need it. I do like it...just don't need it.
Well that was fun and if angelmeg got sick of reading it on a comment, I don't blame her! ;)

Unknown said...

I read the entire thing suzieq and it didn't reveal much I didn't already know about you hon.

I love you just the way you are sister dear.