Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Letter Meme

From Glorybe I got this neat little game. You leave a message in my comment box and I assign you a letter and then you have to think of ten things that begin with that letter and tell us why they are meaningful to you.

Glorybe assigned me the Letter L. I have been meditating on it all day. It really is a lot harder than you might think.

These are in no particular order, so here goes:

Light- Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you that I am terrified of the dark. If God had wanted us to live in the dark He never would have created light. And hey it was important enough to have been created FIRST! It took years for me to learn to sleep in a room without a night light, and even now when I am in a strange room (like a hotel room) I have to leave a light on somewhere so I can find my way around. Absolute darkness, the kind like you find in caves seriously creeps me out.

Laity- Let's face it, no matter how much schooling I get, I will never be anything more than a BOLP (Basic Ordinary Lay Person) within the Church. For me, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. I am called to be one of the lay faithful. It is where I belong. We are the heart and soul of the church, and many times its hands and feet as well.

Luscious- this is one of my very favorite descriptors. It describes the sensation of everything from the taste of good dark chocolate to the feel of a warm bed with clean sheets.

Laughter- This is one of the basic building blocks of my personal sanity arsenal. If I can learn to laugh at myself, and the troubles and travails of my day then I am way ahead of the game. A sense of glee, and joy and the ability to see the funny side of situations can really help us get through the difficult times.

Lightning bugs - ever since I was a little kid one of my favorite things was to collect lightening bugs in a jar. I remember our back yard being filled with them when I was growing up. A time or two I have coaxed the angelkids to chase after them even today.

Lactose- most people will think this is pretty insignificant, but I can tell you from personal experience that if you are intolerant to this your life can be miserable. I now have a nice little blue supplement that I take every morning with my vitamins and it gives my body the bacillus that it needs to digest lactose. Now I get to enjoy all of the milk and ice cream and cream I want. Yum!

Lungs- Two very important organs in your body. In the last year I have come to understand exactly how important my lungs are because they haven’t been working quite like they should. I have become an asthmatic due to acute onset allergies. You never appreciate the ability to breathe easily quite so much until you can’t. Take my word on that.

Latin- This one is more just for me, the more I am exposed to Latin, especially Ecclesial Latin, the more I wish I had studied it in high school and college when I had the chance. I will probably have to take courses in it now and the thought of learning it at my age is daunting, but the way things sound in Latin sure is beautiful. Lex orandi legem credendi constituit* for example. (*how we pray informs what we believe for those who want a quick translation)

Lips­- One of my personal favorite parts of the face. I have often said that I receive communion in the hand because I commit many more sins with my lips than I ever do with my hands. Lips can be beautiful, and they can cause great harm. Be careful what you put into and let come forth from yours.

Love- God is love, after all. If everyone lived with that in mind wouldn’t the world be an amazing place. Poets and troubadours have been trying to tell us that for centuries. As in “All you need is Love” But my favorite musical reference has to be “Love will find a way”. Unfortunately for most people, they keep mistaking other things for love (sometimes even indigestion).

This was a lot of fun. Anyone who wants to try just has to leave me a comment and I will choose a letter for you to expound upon.


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glorybe said...

Awesome job, angelmeg! I really enjoyed reading your responses.:)