Monday, June 05, 2006

When Nap Becomes Prayer

I am not advocating napping as a form of prayer, but in my case I am acting in obedience when I spend a bit of each day napping. When I surrender each day to my bodies need to shut down and regenerate I am in a way doing God's will, so long as I am not neglecting some other duty in order to take these naps. My condition is getting better, but I still find no matter how carefully I program my day, there comes a time in the mid to late afternoon when my energy level is completely depleted and I am running on empty.

When I was working I would find myself trying desperately to keep going in these hours aided by caffeine and lots of deep breathing, but still there were days when I just couldn't make it through the afternoon without a nap. I suppose in the lexicon of big business one might call it the "power nap", but in the world of the parish they were hard to come by.

When I realize that I will need to nap, and I allow time in my day for a nap without feeling guilty or that I am taking time away from something else in order to do it, in a way it does feel as though I am doing something spiritual. When I wake up I can return to whatever it was I was doing with a refreshed mind and heart.

Those countries that practice the siesta have the right idea. I just call it necessary to my healing process.

If only I could convince my professors at Gradual School of the necessity of the mid afternoon 20 minute nap! Now that would be awesome!



Suzanne said...

Let me just say, that I think it is "spiritual" indeed to nap when our bodies need refreshment! Here is why...
I find that when I have let my body get overtired...much of that comes from trying to do too much either physically or mentally when I don't really have to and alot of the time, I am honestly all but in some ways trying to outdo God Himself in strength. I am NOT saying you are doing this...I am not even saying I realize that I am, still...I know this it is true sometimes and so is holy and good to rest and for sure that is what Sunday was really meant for and so many times, we don't do...we watch movies or go out and STILL we are tired on Sunday.
Also, I don't know about you, but ever since I had babies, I get very tired around 2-4...sometimes in that time frame. THAT was when I HAD HAD HAD to take a nap during my pregnancies. There was hardly any way to stop me. I need to get to bed early tonight..I can just was a busy day and I ended it with too much sugar. SHAME on me! I asked for this clearly! Anyway, take care. Suz

angelmeg said...

After all, rest was so important for mortal man that God elevated it to the level of commandment

Remember to keep Holy the Sabath Day. (on six days you shall toil, but on the seventh day you shall rest from your labors).

Suzanne said...

Amen and once again...AMEN! :) I got my rest last night...thanks for encouraging that, I really did need it too! God bless you! Suz