Friday, June 23, 2006

This is so Great!!!

So I am trying to finish my first reading assignment for Modern Philososphy, I really am. Last night we had a horrible storm and our power went out while I still had 10 pages to read. Darn and Spinoza was really beginning to make sense. (You all thought I was being sincere right?)

So far, in my reading of modern philosophy I have discovered that these poor guys thought way too much.

The power came back on finally after 12 hours (and then promptly went off again for another two hours, welcome to REMC rural coop power companies). But now it is back for good and all. So of course I got right to work doing what was important this morning, my daily blog stroll (You didn't seriously think I would get right to the rest of my philosophy reading now did you?) I came across this on a new blog that I discovered through a link I found on Mark Mossa SJ's Blog. Which just proves my point. Thinking too much can get anyone in a world of hurt.

Oh well, the moral of this little cautionary tale is: if you want eventually graduate from gradual school, they really do expect you to finish the assigned readings before you get to class. I guess instead of doing something fun tonight like watching a movie or going out for drinks I will be holed up in my room with the further adventures of Spinoza and the gang.

Pray for me!


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