Wednesday, June 07, 2006

This Week's Reason Why I Love Our Pope

Gotta have our weekly dose of B16! This one seriously helps me with my kids:

"Human love must be purified, it must mature and go beyond its own limits
in order to become truly human, to be the origin of true and lasting joy, to
respond to that demand for eternity it carries within itself and which it cannot
relinquish without betraying itself. This is the fundamental reason for which
love between man and woman is fully realized only in marriage."

In all educational endeavors, "in the formation of man and of the Christian,
we must not leave to one side the great question of love out of fear or human
respect," warned the Pope. "If we should do so, we would present a disincarnated
Christianity, which cannot seriously interest the youth who is opening to life.

"But we must also introduce the integral dimension of Christian love, in
which love for God and love for man are indissolubly united and where love for
one's neighbor is an extremely concrete commitment."

Read the entire text of the article: Christianity Helps Make Love Healthy, Says Pope; Date: 2006-06-06 Code: ZE06060607

This is what mrangelmeg and I have been trying to teach our children from the time they were very small. When you are two voices competing against a society that is filled with MTV and Entertainment television that spreads the news of the latest out-of-wedlock baby as though it were the greatest thing in the world, it can feel as though you are screaming in a vacuum.

But, because we know we are speaking the truth, and because we are practicing what we are preaching, we continue to send the message. It is nice to know that Benedict the Panzer Pope has our back!!!

Now, how do I just casually slip this quote onto the refrigerator? I think there is a space right there between the 100% spelling paper and the grocery list, yeah that's the perfect spot.


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Suzanne said...

I love your post here! So great!
What you say makes so much sense, you and B16. Having two people stay close
and graced in their blessed marital union with the Sacrament of Matrimony and continuing to strenghten and enrich their union with regular reception of the sacraments of Reconciliation and Holy Eucharist...getting some good prayer life in and some daily Masses mixed with some good Adoration...the union can be packed like a spiritual love "bomb" that can stand strong against these things you list in the world. Sometimes, I know the kids look at me when I get "the look" or "the tone" and stick to what I've been saying all along and think..."she really means it ... she doesn't change her feelings about this..." it ain't feelings is graced strength and it comes from exactly what you and Pope "B16" are saying here. I couldn't do it without those these very well or long...I'd wander off the path...without the "connection" of God, Danny, and myself. Thank-you. PS I'm making room on my frig too for this one!