Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Best of Luck

These two were joined in the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony in the Catholic Faith this weekend. I am really happy for them.

I hope that Nicole Kidman's return to the Church brings her great consolation and spiritual growth. I hope that her marriage to Keith Urban brings her joy and spirutal renewal, and they learn to grow together in holiness.

I have been so impressed at how they have handled every aspect of their relationship in the press as compared to her ex-husband's very public antics.



MelancholicMama said...

I completely agree! Good for her, having some class about her relationship, marriage, and family. I don't know anyone who isn't completely over Tom Cruise by now. Good luck Nicole! Hope you find your happiness.

Suzanne said...

I was thinking the same thing.

Thank Burke for coming, will you?
I did, but I want him to know that it meant so much. Danny is learning who his truest of friends are...he's probably always known, but now he KNOWS even better than before. I hope Burke was able to still get to the "Y" for his jog, etc. :)
God bless.

glorybe said...

I so agree with this! She has been a "lady" about everything, that is for sure! And the best part is her return to the Church.

Thanks for posting it.