Thursday, June 15, 2006

Serendipity and Seeing Young Friends Again

I dropped the angelbaby and her two friends off at Religion Class and was on my way home this morning when who should I see on one of our local streets but a home-school family that I know from the parish where I used to work. I haven't seen them in at least a month and never got a chance to say goodbye to them.

It turned out that this being Thursday, they had driven up here to stand at the abortion clinic to pray the rosary with other Catholics as they do every Thursday. This mom and her six kids do this, rain or shine, summer or winter every Thursday unless something like illness keeps them away.

I stopped my car, got out and joined them. One of the little girls (she is about 4 1/2) hugged me as if she wouldn't ever let me go. She was really happy to see me again. It was really nice to talk to all of the kids, and the mom. They have been a family that I had shared thoughts with and ministered to in my work at the parish.

It was really a joy to spend an hour with them praying for an end to abortion, and watching the children pray so fervently. One of the boys actually said that he thought that maybe we had saved a life today. I told him that I thought that maybe we had.

I think maybe I will try to make this part of my every Thursday routine. It did make me feel as though I was doing something, praying for the children and their parents who are being deceived by the abortion industry in my town. Maybe I will see if the angelbaby wants to come with me.



glorybe said...

Awesome idea! I used to do this every Wednesday, before the two back to back babies were born.

I am sure you saved lives today.

God bless!

Suzanne said...

Me too. I hope to get over there too..angelmeg.