Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Happy Birthday Mrangelmeg

My beloved husband will be turning 45 on June 21st and will be celebrating his birthday in the most fitting way he could think of; he will be on the golf course.

This picture doesn't do him justice, but it was the only one I had available here at my mom's, so I used what I had available. It was taken a few years ago in our back yard. Those are the trees of our back forest behind him.

His birthday falls on the first day of Summer; the longest day of the year; and the cusp of the zodiac sign. While he swears that he is a Gemini, in most configurations the dates for the signs will place his birthday under the sign of Cancer. I kid you not, I took one of those silly internet quizzes once where you were supposed to answer questions honestly and come up with your perfect mate's zodiac sign. I came up with Cancer, but I knew mrangelmeg was Gemini so I kept going back and changing answers to try to get it to come up Gemini. I probably wasted forty-five minutes on that silly test until I realized that his birthdate actually falls in either Cancer or Gemini, so I was right the first 15 times I took the stinking test. We were meant for each other. He is too stubborn to agree to the correct zodiac sign and I am too dense to know the difference. Sounds like a perfect match.

Anyway, I sure hope that the day is perfect for golf. I hope his drives are straight and his putts are smooth and he keeps his ball in play, or something like that.



Suzanne said...

Happy Birthday, Mr. angelmeg!!!
Actually, I think that is a very nice picture! Have a nice golfing day.
Your friends...The McConnell's

mrangelmeg said...

Thanks, sweetie!!!

My evil twin and I both agree that our Pisces is a great catch.