Wednesday, June 07, 2006

My Mothering Style

Found this at the MotherStyles Quiz Page

Your type is: istp —The “Give 'Em Their Space” Mother

“My feelings are my own business. Not theirs.
So I honor their privacy too.”

  • Non-intrusive and respectful of differences, the ISTP mother gives her children the personal space they need to develop as separate, self-sufficient individuals. As children grow and mature, she enjoys observing how each one becomes his or her own person. She seeks to accept and honor each child’s interests, opinions, and choices.
  • The ISTP mother does not believe in authority or control for its own sake. Instead, she favors a non-directive approach. Yet she has high expectations for each child’s self-discipline as a key to self sufficiency.
  • To these ends, the ISTP mother wants to “be there” for her children—to meet their basic needs and keep them safe. Her goal is to help her children think for themselves and take responsibility for their own actions.

The description is actually pretty accurate for me. Now if I could just get them to be a little neater. Mrangelmeg would say I have no room to criticize and he would be right. I guess now that I am at home with them, we can work together to be neater.

What? Is that laughing I hear? It could happen!

Thanks to Alexa for the link.


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glorybe said...

I enjoyed this too. I am the ENFJ mother which is the "Heart to heart".

You can see your complete personality profile on I found it really interesting. ;)

You don't have to take their quiz, since you already know your "letters".