Sunday, July 15, 2007

Close Moments in Cars?

It's a Cursillo thing . . . reminding one's-self to be aware of those times in the day when God is very close, so close that one recognizes that the intervention is happening right when it happens. At least I never used to think about them or be as aware of them before I went on Cursillo, but since then I am always aware of those "close moments" in my days.

Lately most of my very "close moments" have been connected with driving, or being in my car. None quite as big as this one, (thank God) but they have all been moments when I have realized that God is with me. I will list just a few to show you what I mean.

The place where the angelbaby and older sis have fencing is on a horrendously busy street and getting out of the parking lot is difficult at the best of times. Each time I leave the parking lot I am sure it is going to take me forever to get space enough in traffic to pull out, but each time I am blessed with a very large space in which to pull out. For this I am immediately thankful.

I have a very old Handspring Visor Palm OS (grey-scale)PDA that mrangelmeg got me about a year after I started working. I used it for everything back then, calendar, address book,prayerbook, brain, you name it. In fact, when I first started gradual school I even added a portable keyboard and typed my class notes into it and had a bible translation loaded onto it. Lately though I have only been using it as an e-reader with the addition of Plucker software. After the last weekend of Medieval Philosophy class it went missing and I thought I had left it at Gradual School because it wasn't in my suitcase or my book bag or my music bag. When the maintenance department at my Gradual School didn't find it I had pretty much decided that it was a write-off since I only use it as an e-reader and to buy a replacement just to do that would be way too expensive. Then just the other day the angelbaby and I were driving somewhere in the car and she was rummaging around in the junk bin in the front seat to see if she could find any candy and what should she find but my Visor!!!!! I have no clue at all how it got there. What a close moment, because I have loaded a lot of philosophy resources on it that are very handy to carry around for when I have a free moment to read (I am actually trying to understand this stuff).

The price of gas is so volatile around here that I hate to put gas in my car for fear that when I do the price will go up that afternoon. The price has gone up about thirty cents since the 4th of July. I was putting off getting gas hoping the price would go down a bit because it had actually gone over 3.00 a gallon on Friday. Yesterday I was doing laundry and watching videos all afternoon. I had to run to Walmart though in the evening and when I actually finally did get out to run my errands the price had gone down to 2.99 (mrangelmeg paid 3.01 earlier in the day). I call that a close moment. Even those few pennies saved will help.

I realize to a skeptic these will all seem like random moments of chance, or good fortune. To me though, especially since I have a very long history of having had to grow comfortable driving (I didn't drive much of anywhere until I was 31, and even then I used to get horribly ill every time I had to get behind the wheel of a car). I have always trusted God to be with me. Noticing God in these small moments of my everyday drivng experiecne are all a part of "finding God in all things.
God is good, all the time.

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Yeah! Its a Cursillo thing and I like it! ;) Cool!