Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Vatican Gets Misunderstood so Often . . .

you wonder why they keep trying to say things at all.

This time it is over a CDF document in Response to Questions Regarding Certain Aspects of Church Doctrine. What happens when the Vatican puts out one of these documents, do journalists put them through some sort of hot button filter and only read the reactionary words without really reading the whole document?

After having read the document myself, and then checking with a few of my blogosphere pals who also have read it I don't quite understand where they went off the rails. What I read was a document that restated exactly what the documents of Vatican II stated. At Vatican II it was heralded as a step forward in ecumenism, why now is the same statement seen as a step backward?


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Suzanne said...

The only steps I saw taken "backwards" were the exaggerated misinterpretations or what I call downright selfishness of removing statues, making fun of praying the rosary and discouraging people from praying it, having us take nasty blobby bread for the Body of Christ,
letting go of some reasonable time for Benediction and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, and making out like Reconciliation was not all that necessary. It seems alot of somebodies decided to take things into their own hands...if that had not have happened so much so, we might not have everyone so worried right now that we were going all the way back...I could be wrong, but I don't think that will happen or what God expects...I just think I appreciate all of the richness the Catholic Church has and I do hope that we can be offered some of all that is right and good. That is my prayer, know, without being put know, like my nickname..."Tongue Lady."