Sunday, July 22, 2007

Harry Potter first, well except . . .

Mass and work in my 21 year old daughter's case. She has been reading the 7th book ever since she picked it up at about 1:30 a.m. on Saturday morning stopping only long enough to get a few hours sleep and go to work.

Then this afternoon she stopped to go to Mass! She attends a different parish than the rest of the family, and ended up having to go to their Spanish Mass because she slept so late, but at least she fit that into her schedule.

We have been teasing her, telling her that we are going to give away the spoilers that we have heard, but to be honest I haven't heard anything, because I just don't care.

My other kids never read the 6th book, and if I can ever find it in paperback, which I couldn't do yesterday I might even buy a copy for them so that they can read that one before they get a chance to read older sister's copy of book number 7.

I am really happy that the series is finally over. Now maybe we can find some other person to obsess over. What I wouldn't give for a Christian hero in a series of seven books that sold as big as these.

Anybody game to write them? Hey maybe I should. I'll get right on that, just as soon as I finish my degree.


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Suzanne said...

Please do and oldest angel girl can collaborate with you! Come on and you can earn millions and then we can drink even more expensive bottles of wine...well, that is if you'll share! LOL!