Sunday, July 29, 2007


So this was my ante-penultimate (the class before my next to last class--give me a break I am supposed to be trying to sound all educated for heaven sake) philosophy class of my Gradual School career. I had a conversation with my philosophy professor (not the original one who philosofried me, this is the one from Medieval Philosophy class).

While my Ancient Philosophy professor thinks that anyone can be trained to "do philosophy" and if I can't "do philosophy" then I'm just not using the right skill set, this professor (who happens to have trained the other professor) says that he believes that is a fallacy and there are people who really can never gain the knack for "doing philosophy".

He then went on to say that in my case (and I am not making this up) all things being considered, perhaps I was better suited to a career in stand up comedy than philosophy.

Major Burn!!!!!

Actually, what a relief. If I can only endure these next two classes, and the assignments that my two torturersprofessors plan to heap gift me with to discern what I have retained, (or can find on I will have successfully survived the gauntlet of philosophy.

God willing, I will not need to take another philosophy course again as long as I live. Please, please God.


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Suzanne said...

God love you...I KNOW I'm one of those people who really never gain the way of philosophy...well, for certain, I don't think I use the same "language" as most philosophers...I think there are different levels because of different ways of describing, might be good in philosophy with some and not with others because of vocabulary, age, life experiences, etc. Don't you think? Seriously...uh sincerelymythoughts, angelmeg!