Friday, July 27, 2007

It Could be Worse, I Suppose . . .

Mrangelmeg and I drove down to my Gradual School tonight because I have class this weekend. We were planning to have a nice little relaxing "mini-vaca" day before I have to go to Philosophy Class in the morning.

Things didn't quite go as we had planned. First we didn't leave quite as early as we had planned and our leisurely afternoon ended up being spent packing and driving. Then we stopped for dinner and it began to rain and I mean downpour, body drenching rain while we were eating. Needless to say we got a bit damp getting back to the car. Then when we got to The Hill, for some unexplainable reason the elevator didn't work and we had to schlep our bags up three flights of stairs to our room, which was supposed to be a double room but in actuality turned out to be a nice seminarian's room with a single bed and (I am not making this up) a couch.

But, our little welcome gift from Abbey Press (which is run by the monks of the Abbey) this month, is a bookmark of the Serenity Prayer .

So, we are sitting here counting our blessings; we made it here safe and sound. We both have someplace to sleep, (I suppose we will flip a coin to see who gets to sleep on the couch, and who gets the blanket.) And this is certainly a mini-vacation we will not soon forget.

This is going to be an interesting weekend.


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Suzanne said...

Now, now you two...take turns...take
turns! I'm LOL!
Just kidding...but then maybe a nice
pallet on the floor for two would be a good thing! There are reasons for these things, you know. Sincerely,
relax and enjoy.