Monday, July 30, 2007

I Was A Real Writer For A Day

Last Thursday I spent the day at the Midwest Writers Workshop . There were over 170 actual writers gathered there to network and learn and share and commiserate. While the workshop went on for four days, sadly I was only able to attend one of them because of my philosifrication requirement at Gradual School, but oh that one day!

I spent the first part of the morning getting some great tips on resources that a good writer might like to have on her bookshelf. And my very dear friend who convinced me to come to this workshop and is herself an accomplished writer purchased two of these resources for me as a belated birthday present.

I then spent the rest of the day in an intensive workshop on writing and reading narrative fiction. It was like getting a college level course on narrative fiction in one day. During lunch, and at other times I got to talk about "being a writer". I was encouraged by others who are, like I am trying to find ways to have their voice heard in a market that is saturated with so much stuff. One of my favorite comments the entire day was from one of the speakers who said that we (writers) come to these conferences because here it doesn't matter that we aren't paid for what we write, or that we have been paid pennies.

There, people were very excited for me that I have actually made almost $2.00 since February for the essays I have on . I was encouraged by more than one person there to return next year for the entire four days, and submit manuscripts or book proposals, meet with agents, network and possibly really move my writing career to the next level. When Pat and I were talking about it at dinner last night, Pat's husband and mrangelmeg were both encouraging me to do just that.

I really do believe when I look back at how God has been ordering my steps ever since I started working for the church in 2000, that each act of writing even the simple ones like bulletin announcements and leaflets for upcoming events were leading me. Then when I took a class as professional development and had to write essays and regained my love for the process of writing which enlivened my spiritual journal writing and eventually led me to begin writing this blog. All of those things have led me to this realization; that God wants me to use my love of writing somehow.

I can't imagine a day will go by without my writing something. I may as well find a way to share what I write with others.


Mimi said...

What a wonderful path that is opening up for you!

onionboy said...

Wonderful. Exciting. Good. As for me, not a real writer but a person who writes, I had to bring back luminousmiseries because I am driven to write (as if anyone who knows me actually believed I could can that blog).