Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Philosophy is Making Me Sick!!!

At least that is what I have been telling myself and mrangelmeg.

Ever since Sunday evening I have been struggling with horrible nausea and the strangest sensation that is hard to describe. Things don't taste bad, it is as if my taste buds are very sensitive -- everything just tastes too much, if that makes any sense. It is as if my taste buds are on fire.

At first I thought I had gotten an infection in my mouth which can happen with the steroid inhaler I take every night. I have to be very careful to brush my teeth and rinse out my mouth every night because I am afraid of that, but that wouldn't explain the stomach ache that came before it.

Another thought is that it might be a reaction to a calcium supplement that I have been taking which I just started taking last week.

The problem is I just don't have time to feel sick. I still have essays to write for class this coming weekend and stuff to read for the class I took last weekend. Not to mention laundry to do and other housework to get done around here and wanting to spend time with the family. Mrangelmeg is actually taking two whole days off of work and I don't feel well enough to do much of anything but sit around.

So, even though I know that it is something else making me sick I am going to blame it on Philosophy. I know I would feel much better if I didn't have all of that hanging over my head like a piano on a fraying rope.

Please keep me in prayer as I attempt to make sense of Plato and Aristotle in essays while feeling like my insides are on fire. If anyone has an idea of something I can do to calm my burning taste buds I would love to hear it.


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Suzanne said...

Do you happen to suck on mints?
If I suck on my fav Altoids and drink coffee then my taste buds become inflamed sometimes...however, I don't have nausea to go along with it.
I know something has been going around our area...but haven't heard about burning taste buds with it. ???
Poor girl.
If Father Don was in town, you could email him all about Aristotle...probably Plato too, but alas, the old guy is on vacation for awhile..till the 6th, I think.
Take care...
Oh, btw, did you hear about Lea?
What she is going to do?
Let me know. Suz