Monday, July 02, 2007

I Meet the Nicest People In Gradual School

I have two young men in particular that I would love to tell you all about. They are both future seminarians and they are both in my philosophy classes.

One is named Tim and he is going to be a monk in a very small order dedicated to Our Lady, I wish I could remember the name of the order but I can't. He is so wonderfully excited about learning.

The other is Aaron. He has been living as a Glenmary Missionary and is in the process of preparing for the Seminary (he needs to get 30 hours of Philosophy Courses before he can enter Major Seminary somewhere, so he is taking courses not only at Saint Meinrad, but also will be taking courses at another school closer to his mission post in Kentucky in the fall, then he will be back at Saint Meinrad next Summer. Hopefully he will be ready to begin Seminary training in the Fall of 2008.

I am sure that both of these young men would appreciate your prayers as they follow God's call to the priesthood on the path He has chosen for them. Aaron in particular has been and will continue to work for most of his career in under served areas of the United States where he may be the only Catholic presence for miles. When he talks about the work he does it is very stirring and you can see the Spirit welling up inside him.

I know they will be in my prayers. Won't you join me in praying for them.


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Mimi said...

What wonderful classmates, and I am sure that your prayers and friendship are much appreciated. Lord have Mercy.