Monday, July 09, 2007

Favorite Catholic Blogs Meme

The Ironic Catholic has honored me with a tag as one of her favorite Catholic Blogs. I am humbled. Especially because of the company in which I find myself.

I am now supposed to tag a few other people whose blogs I find inspire my Catholic faith.

I will do that by pointing you to a few friends you might not know. And one I am sure you do, but must not go unheralded.

God'sbody is one of my favorite places to find a literate take on what is going on in the world. Not to mention "Today in porn".

The Speakin' Deacon is the creation of my pal from Gradual School, Deacon John Simmons of the Diocese of Louisville. This is where he posts his homilies. The only thing more awesome than this would be if he were to make audio files of his homilies and create a podcast of them because they are great to read but I tell you, the man can preach!!!

God Spede ye Plough is the blog of another alum from my gradual school. He has an interesting view of the church. I may not always agree with his position, but it reminds me that our faith tradition is big enough for all of us.

Sincerely My Thoughts is the creation of one of my dearest soul friends. She is as close as a sister to me and in fact our sons are adopted brothers (it is a long story and involves the fact that neither of them has a natural living brother in a sea of seven girl siblings between them, so out of desperation they have chosen each other) Suzanne's blog is a mix of the simple joy of daily Catholic life and the beauty of being other centered. I don't miss a day of checking in to see what is going on in her world.

I think I will leave it at that. So to those I have tagged consider yourself part of my "daily devotion".

If you want to play, you just have to create a post and let the blogosphere know which blogs you find to be your Favorite Catholic Blogs.



Paul Stokell said...

Thanks for the love! As soon as I figure out just what my view is on Church stuff, I'll let you know.

"Porn??" All-righty then.

Deacon John said...

Thanks!! I hope you know that you are for me a daily must read!!
Anad to echo Paul, Porn!?!?!?

angelmeg said...

You Guys have to check out Godsbody to understand.

Today in Porn

is part of the overall charm of the blog.

Suzanne said...

Ah, you are so kind! I feel as though I was just nominated for one of those fancy blog awards that you see passed around and on people's sidebars! You are my daily read too!
Talk with ya later...gotta get rolling to help with VBS.