Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I Know I am in Bad Shape . . .

When I suggest a trip to the Mall as a way to avoid thinking about Philosophy homework!!!!!

1) I hate to shop
2) the last thing I want my daughters to become is mall rats

I am gladly suggesting it today

You read that right folks, the girls and I are off for an afternoon of abject consumerism. I am hoping watching them be girly girls shopping for jewelery and t-shirts and purses and all the other trappings will break me out of my philosofunk.

Then maybe, just maybe I can approach the subject matter with a renewed zeal, or at least less dread.

If this doesn't work I will have to go to Mass tomorrow morning and lay my troubles at the foot of the cross and throw myself upon the mercy of Christ. I am hoping that I won't reach the point of "agony in the garden" over this assignment, but at the rate I am coming up with answers that make any kind of sense, I am expecting to find hematidrosis and not be shocked.

So, we are off to the mall, for a few hours of retail therapy, only on a very limited budget.



Suzanne said...

This was just plain funny!
Father Don should be saying Mass tomorrow...hint - hint. Now, IF you do trouble the old boy about this and he doesn't want to be troubled and you know how you can tell..always always the attitude shows through...right? Anyway, don't tell him Suzanne sent you! LOL!
I just think he might enjoy chatting about whatever it is that is troubling you.

Suzanne said...

Hope your meeting went well and that you received some eye opening help there. Sue and I are meeting at Panera in the morn. Its late and I just got in from the movies and I am soooo sleepy, so I'm getting off.
Goodnight. Suz
PS Thank you for taking Shane to the Bowling Alley..hope the kids had some fun this afternoon. :)