Sunday, July 08, 2007

I must be Filled with Socractic Wisdom . . .

because I am reasonably sure that I know nothing about philosophy.

My professor was nice enough to tell me that at least I am not (and I am not making this up) "stupid about my own stupidity." Which I suppose in philosophical terms means I have that going for me. Yeah me.

In stark reality after two weekends of Ancient Philosophy I have understood two concepts that the professor was discussing, over a total of 20 hours of lecture, one of which will actually be marginally helpful in answering his questions that were assigned for homework last month. He feels so sorry for me that he did assure me that if I at least attempt to do the work he will guarantee that I will get no grade lower than a C for the class (which is the minimum grade I need in order to graduate) so I suppose even if I tank the assignments I will be okay.

I do feel as though I am coming out of the darkness a little bit in some respects. I am beginning to understand some of the concepts he keeps using over and over, but I don't like the way that he defines terms by using the term he is defining in the definition. Is that a philosophical anomaly? Having been raised by an English teacher and an English major, I know that that is a big problem, but somehow he didn't see anything wrong with the circular reasoning involved in defining a term by using the same word as part of the definition. It really drove me nuts.

With my new insight, and the help of whichever of the communion of saints I can beg for assistance I have two weeks to complete the three questions that I couldn't answer on Friday. I think I may at least have a glimmer of understanding as to how to approach a coherent answer today.

Pray for me. I will do philosophy, or die in the attempt.



Suzanne said...

Two people...Father Don...Lester Mason...I'll so no more...
You are so smart...I have lots of faith in ya! LOTS!!!! :)

Suzanne said...

LOL!!!! "I'll SAY no more..." Oh, brother! LOL! (Rolling my eyes!)

Paul Stokell said...

Who on earth is your teacher??