Thursday, March 15, 2007

Wish I had Taken a Picture

So the family went to a neighboring town in our Deanery for the reconciliation service at the parish there because neither mrangelmeg or I were available when we had our parish penance service.

I always wonder if my kids take the whole thing seriously or just "go through the motions" twice a year because I make them.

Well, tonight after our son who is 22 came out of his private confession he met our angelbaby who is 10 and they hugged each other and were talking quietly and smiling at each other. When I came up to them I could hear what they were saying and they were actually talking about how nice it is to be free from sin, and discussing how long they thought this state of grace might last.

Wow, do you suppose I actually raised them right?

Will wonders never cease?

Praise God!


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