Thursday, March 29, 2007

Isn't Ironic at all

I noticed something very interesting today when I was doing my weekly prayer vigil outside our local abortion mill. The wonderfully "helpful" escorts that are stationed there to "protect" the women who come to avail themselves of the services at the clinic are very solicitous when the women arrive at the clinic. They walk directly up to the car and escort the women all the way from their cars to the door of the clinic, holding the door open for them.

When these same women have completed their business at the clinic, presumably having just ended the life of their unborn baby one would think that these "escorts" would be just as helpful and meet them at the door of the clinic and walk them back to their car, making sure that they arrive safely. This however is not the case. Once the abortionist has the woman's money and has completed the business transaction the poor woman is on her own. As far as the escort is concerned she may as well not even exist. The escorts barely even speak to the women who are leaving the clinic.

How sad is that?

At least our prayers go with these women the entire journey.



leftbanker said...

Perhaps they are worried about the personal safety of the women who are making the difficult and personal choice of ending a pregnancy rather than add another life to this world that is unwanted and doomed to suffer. I could ask you the same question: Why aren't you doing work for children with lousy parents instead of harrassing people going for a legal procedure? Irony works in mysterious ways. We should worry more about children and less about the fetus.

mrangelmeg said...


The "Better Off Dead" philosophy is a poor one for any society to follow. Society may decide that your existence isn't worth it, either. Adoption would be preferred, at least by the unborn child.

Referring to the unborn child as a fetus, no less a person 6 months before passing through the birth canal than a child 6 months after, is a cop out. Instead of "better off dead," we should follow that great 20th century philosopher, Horton, who said "a person's a person, no matter how small."

Amunt Valencia!
(Chelsea, sus chupan!!)

Suzanne said...

mrangelmeg, I am not going to try to embarrass you here, but you must know that you are a true hero!
God love you!

angelmeg, What a pick, honey! ;)

angelmeg said...

Point #1: we aren't harrassing anyone.

Point #2: We are exercising our right to freedom speach, peaceful assembly and the practice of our chosen faith as we stand and pray very quietly for the souls of the women and children who are caught in this desperate act.

Point #3: This isn't the only thing we do, we also help women who are in crisis pregnancies so that they can confidently feel that they have whatever monetary or medical or physical needs these families might need.

Point #4: Your comment makes my point exactly, they are only worried about the safety of these women until they have their check in their hands. They leave helping to deal with the stunningly cruel and heart wrenching devastation to their souls and psyche's to groups like the ones I belong to who come in after these women realize what they have done and seek solace because they have killed their child. Where is Planned Parenthood then? No Where.

leftbanker said...

Here is my boiler-plate speech on abortion. Abortion is a terrible thing that has been around for a long time and will be for a lot longer, no matter how many prayer vigils or abortion clinic stake-outs you attend. Wealthy people have always had access to medically supervised abortions. All that Rove vs. Wade achieved was to grant medically assisted abortions to women who aren’t rich. Making it illegal again will only affect poor women because people like the Bush family can always find a doctor if they find themselves with an unwanted pregnancy. It’s like making drugs illegal; that doesn’t make drug use go away.

So let’s say that we do over-turn Roe vs. Wade; we will still have abortion and we make criminals out of women who make this choice. Or we can realize that it is with us and move on to other issues that our nation desperately needs to address—say health care, public transportation, education…take your pick. Instead, for over a decade our political process has practically been paralyzed over abortion. It’s still with us and will be for a lot longer.

Abortion is legal in Europe and they have simply moved on to address other matters—like their future. Protests are almost unheard of. Does this make Europeans less moral than Americans? That’s not the way I see it. They have a much more egalitarian society than we could even dream of in this day and age. While we wring our hands over abortion they have moved on to build trains the go 300 kph, public transportation networks we haven’t even considered, health care for all, and a commitment to provide housing for everyone. Is that is anyone’s idea of immorality? I don’t think their attitude trivializes abortion, they have just accepted that it is with us and so it’s best to keep it safe and legal.

to Suzanne:
This is a public forum that solicits comments from readers. You can't expect everyone to agree with you. If it's me you are calling a prick I can take it.

angelmeg said...

Again LB you are shortsighted.

You want to keep abortion legal.

We want to change the hearts and minds of all people so that they live in a culture that values all life, not just the lives of the women who seek abortion, but also the lives of the children they seek to abort.

We want to make the abortion industry unnecessary because every child who is conceived is considered to be valued enough to be allowed to live. That is what we pray for each week. We never pray in condemnation of anyone caught in the desparate act they have chosen.

Until a culture can value all life I will continue to pray as I work for all other means to help these women. The fact that I choose to pray at the sight where these women are ending the lives of their children is my way of making my committment to life very clear.

I am also seeking ways to educate young people to value themselves enough so that they understand the proper place for a sexual relationship. I am working toward the day when we can all understand how fearfully wonderfully made we are and that if we live with that in mind we can all be cherished, loved and wanted.

No child conceived is an unwanted child. There are many childless couples out there who are willing to adopt.

Abortion is a quick solution to a "problem" in a woman's life, but it just causes heartache and trauma that must be dealt with at eventually. I have personally counseled women who have had abortions. I know that they grieve that choice.

leftbanker said...

I would contend that a society that legalizes abortion is more moral than those which make it a crime. You cannot possibly force every pregnant woman to bring that child to term. Period. Therefore abortion will continue no matter how Draconian the laws that proscribe it. I don't think there is anyone who would argue that abortion is a good thing. It's horrible but the back street variety is even more sickening. That's where we used to be and it was wrong.

P.S. Chelsea, sus chupan? I need a translation because it sounds like "Chelsea sucks" which seems vaguely out of character considering the source.

angelmeg said...

again you miss my intention. .

My prayers are that every child conceived is cherished because he or she has value and not considered expendable because he or she is at the mercy of his or her mother who is in a desperate situation and is being told that "this will be the best option for her future".

I am praying that eveyone act in the best interest of all concerned and not act selfishly for only the parents.

I am not praying to outlaw abortion, I am praying to make it unnecessary.

You may think that is foolish, but John Paul II prayed for the downfall of communism in Poland and everyone told him that his prayers were foolish. I look to him as my example of the power of prayer.

Suzanne said...

A message to leftbanker...I am not the kind of person that would choose to call you a prick.
What I will say is you came on here and shamed two people that I highly respect because they appreciate the life of all including yours. They work to do what they can in this world for good. Perhaps it won't turn out to be the wonderful world here that we would all like it to be, however how you can make sense of killing millions of unborn children "legally" as being better that some who can afford to or some others who choose to end lives if abortion were not legal, is beyond my understanding. One thing didn't cure the other and never will never even come close. For you not to see that humanity is acting more like selfish animals, e.g. more parents and others killing "older" toddlers and children now, the increase of so called teachers living out their sexual lives with their students, and child predators growing by leaps and bounds...all getting worse since "legalized" abortion, well, its pretty sad. It is obvious what this all has done.
STILL, you came on this public forum and voiced your opinion and are apparently not willing to do more to uphold all of life including the unborn and the fact that you don't at least side with those who are trying is very sad.
If that makes you the word you referred to earlier, it is by your own choice..not mine. God bless you and all of us, for that matter.

mrangelmeg said...


My apologies to you and my sweetie for apparently leaving such a vulgar remark in her combox. My Spanish is a bit rusty because I only had a year of it back at dear old Eastern Greene County high. The only phrase we learned was "Donde esta la biblioteca?" which was a trick question since there were no bibliotecas in Greene County.

Instead of that unsportmanslike usage, what I meant to say was: "Chelsea: hacete coger, sus maricas chaperos." I think this means "Chelsea, have a good one, you happy chaps." It must be family-friendly because I got it from a Spanish-language Dr. Seuss children's soccer story: "Horton Hears a Hooligan." Although, Horton did get a red card after he said that.

Amunt Valencia!!

angelmeg said...


Have I told You lately that I love you?