Friday, March 16, 2007

Angelmeg Raises her Voice!!!

Okay I have decided it is time for me to speak up against the "Drink-Green-Beer-Until-You-Puke-Fest" that the celebration of my birthday has become. Or "Amateur Night" as a dear Irish friend once called it with derision.

I really don't mind sharing my birthday (St. Paddy's Day, don'tcha know) with a country full of revelers, my only wish is that a little more restraint were visible. I don't even mind if you all wish to be considered Irish for an evening. We can't all be blessed with perfect genetic patronage. I do mind having to step over your besotted bodies and worrying about the condition of my shoes as I make my way back to my car after I attempt to enjoy my celebration.

I have given up any chance of spending my birthday in or near a bar for the evening, but it might be nice to, you know, be able to walk down the street without taking a chance on stepping in something disgusting, or worse yet being the target of a torrent of projectile fluids.

So, in case you ever wondered exactly what it is that you are celebrating (at least in the US) This is a pretty good article about the New York celebration's history and present state. It also gives some wonderful tips on how to do my birthday up with class.

I just ask that you use some restraint. Drink good spirits, in moderation. Raise a glass to your favorite blogging Irish Lass Angelmeg on her birthday. And go home only slightly tipsy for a change.

h/t to Mark Shea for the link.

If I see you out and about and you aren't puking-green-beer, I will wish you well. If you are I will cross the street to save my shoes and say a prayer that you get safely home.



Paul Stokell said...

Green beer? Feh! Anyone caring to respect the Irish will drink Jameson's - and it dyes YOU green. :)

Perpetua said...

Amen, Paul. I dont even try to be Irish on St. Paddy's day -- I leave that to the experts! :)

Happy birthday, Angelmeg!